3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge ~ Day 3 Quote 3

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As well as you know I have been nominated for 3 day 3 Quotes challenged by one of my blogger friend Nishtha Shukla (thanx to you nishtha, i am loving this challenge), nishthaexploringlife is a wonderful blogger and you should definitely check out her writings. The challenge involves posting a quote for 3 consecutive days. today is the last of the quote.

1. Thanks the person who nominated you.

2. Post a quote each day for 3 days.

3. Each day nominate 3 bloggers to take part.

-: Day 3 Quote 3 :-

Difficulties comes in everybody’s life

Now it’s up to you

whether you go down

in front of him or face it!!!


My nomination for the challenge




these are the challenging blogs.!!!

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